In a bid to provide an outstanding service the following the terms and conditions of engagement are in place.

The format of a life coaching conversation is built on creating a solid plan of action that will bring better outcomes based on your desires and at your pace. The life coach acts as a sounding board and is responsible for creating a reflective environment for you to think for yourself and find solutions that best suit you.

The session will be shaped by the collective presence of coach and coachee, powerful questions, reframing and a deep reflective practice than brings forth insights, new perspectives, inspiration and a deep-rooted motivation for change. It is not the role of the coach to give advice, rather it is up to you as the client to work through your own thoughts and feelings on matters of importance and through reflection, shape and decide the next steps.

The role of the coach is to create a safe space for you to feel heard, encouraged and challenged. The dialogue works best with honesty. If you are not comfortable with answering a particular question, completing any of the exercises, tools or techniques suggested, please say.

One to one coaching sessions, resources and training must be paid in advance via the website. Receipts will be issued to confirm payment.
If during the coaching conversation you would like a break or wish to stop then please notify your coach.
Session sheets are generated from sessions to outline what was discussed and agreed. These session notes are password protected and held on a secure network. Once these session notes have been forwarded they are kept for one week and then deleted.

It is advised that clients commit to at least three – five sessions to begin with. This ensures accountability which is vital for coaching success. Bookings can be made via phone or email. Two days’ notice of cancellation is required. Missed appointments will be charged for.

Conversations and sessions are completely confidential.

If you need to reschedule your session, this can be accommodated by contacting me directly 24 hours before your appointment. Missed appointments will not be refunded.